Ratio™ A Discord Bot

Ratio™ A Simple Multipurpose Discord Bot

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(Ratio™ Provide Customizable Prefix)

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Help Command

Easy To Use Help Command
We Also Add Pagination

AFK System

AFK System
By This Command You Can Set Your Self AFK(Away From Keyboard)


Use Fun Command With Your Friends
Spend Your Free Time With Ratio™

Music System

Play High Quality Lag Free Music With Ratio™

Customizable Prefix System

Ratio™ Have Customizable Prefix
You Can Set Customizable Prefix On Your Server

Server Management System

Ratio™ Have Some Server Management Command
That Helps You A Lot To Moderate Your Server

There Is Just Trial Of Some Features

To Know All Feature Add Ratio™ To Your Server With Sufficient Permissions & Get Stared With ,help

GURU eSports™ | INDIA

GURU eSports™ | INDIA Is An Organisation Of Clean And Friendly Community Which Mainly Focused On Indian Esports
Ratio™ Is Sponsered By GURU eSports™ | INDIA

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